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Succinct History

Talking about the most known tourist spots and districts in Singapore, Strand Hotel is a deserving place to stay over night or even more days for island hopping and business transaction. Base on online reviews, it had made a good impression from many who booked to the hotel. Yet let us learn more facts and unveil its history in this article.


The first Strand Hotel was built in 1896 by Aviet and Tigran Sarkie at Yangon, Myanmar in Burma. It opened in 1901 and the Hotel was named after its address which is 92 Strand Road. Today, it was managed by the General Hotel Management and became one of the most famous hotels in Southeast Asia.


The Birth of Strand Hotel in Singapore

General Hotel Management which was just established in 1992 while successfully manages the Strand Hotel Singapore. The GHM has a great pride to take the lead for great designs on luxury hotels and resort to make genuine, contemporary and elegant designs around the world.

Looking back at the colonial period, strand hotel’s clients were exclusively whites. In 1925, the Sarkies Brothers sold the hotel to Pter Bugalar Aratoon and Ae Amovsie. During World War II in 1941, at the Japanese occupation of Burma, the hotel was used to house Japanese troops for dwellings. And not later than 1942, the hotel was transferred to the ownership of Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. Changes had happened and it was only in 1945 that Burmese people were allowed to be a client of the hotel.


The sad thing about the hotel was it was neglected or abandoned by post colonial governments. And it was in 1962 that the Strand hotel was purchased by the Burma Economic Development Corporation however they failed to successfully manage the hotel well.

It was in 1988, after the coup d’tat, that the strand hotel ownership was transferred to a Burmese businessman named Bernard Pe win who partnered with Adrian Zecha and a group of investors to the Strand Hotel International. Since then, the hotel was extensively renovated and is now run by the General Hotel Management.


Due to the success of General Hotel Management, the international development of the managing company, managing the Strand Hotel International in Burma, Strand Hotels have been built in New York, London and Singapore as an expansion project. Today, it is one of the most famous hotels in Singapore where tourists are having a comfortable, wonderful and wholesome stay.